How to get Free Internet On any sim card.

Hello! guys so let’s me saw you that How to get free internet on any sim card..

(E.g. Airtal, Telenor , Vodafone and some others )

* Note :- Frist chake that your balace is 0.00 ruppes…
becouse 0 is required for it…
> How to get free internet on telanor card .

so follow this steps….

1.Download UC980HandlerUI device ( i take Android or you take any…)
3.Web user Agent
-Custom U A.
4.Proxy type
– Dual Real Host
5.set this in Proxy server
(if you want to get free net on any other card so you need to change Proxy name….)
6.Real Proxy type
and save it…
* Now wait for connect and then enjoy free internet on telenor…
* You can get on any sim card but for it you need a right Proxy Server Name..
*if it’s worked then please tell me in comment..
so enjoy if it;s work..
by Shivam Pandya….smile emoticon

You can direct search on Google for tricks..
like you can search this
> How to get free Internet on Airtal sim on Android.


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